About Us

The Sussex Kurdish Community (SKC) is a non-profit voluntary organisation that was established by a group of Kurdish residents in the Sussex region in 2010 in order to respond the needs of Kurdish community in the area. The SKC organizes activities and provides services to develop relations among Kurdish community, to improve the social and cultural lives of Kurdish people and help them to deal with various issues. Since the establishment of our association, we have been supported by a wide range of local governmental organizations and non-profit organizations and Kurdish residents in the Sussex area. The SKC is managed by the Management Committee and its services and activities are carried out by working commissions consisting of volunteers. The Management Committee meets fortnightly to discuss key matters at a strategic level and manage the organization’s affairs. The working commissions generally meet once a week.

The Aims and Objectives of the Sussex Kurdish Community are

• To advance education among Kurdish community in the Sussex region
• To give advice and information concerning welfare rights and entitlement, immigration and asylum
• To hold social gatherings in order to reduce isolation of Kurdish community members
• To liaise with the local authority and central government offices and other voluntary organisations in the area
• To provide facilities for recreation and leisure time occupation for the Kurdish people in the area
• To provide resources in order to help integration of Kurdish residents in to wider society

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